Omnikey 5543 Desktop E-ID Dual ISO

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The Omnikey 5543 Desktop E-ID Dual Iso Reader is a combined contact and contactless proximity read/write device. With its extraordinary interoperability capability it supports the broadest portfolio of ISO14443A and ISO14443B RFID-enabled documents - including the whole mifare® family - even in mixed card populations.

The module has a built in antenna. By using the USB 2.0 interface and the PC/SC driver the device can be easily connected to a PC.

An integrated SAM socket enables a state of the art security level. This RFID read/write unit is optimized for maximum data throughput rates on all interfaces: air, contact and PC. The built in boot-loader enables firmware field upgrades.

Typical applications:

  • e-Passport
  • e-Visa
  • e-National ID
  • e-Driver's licence
  • e-Government
  • e-Health
  • e-Document issuing
  • e-Document authentication

Product code: RDHS-0404D1

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