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ACOS6-SAM ist ein Secure Access Module (SAM) für ACOS3, ACOS6, ACOS7 and ACOS10 sowie mifare DESFire, DESFire EV1, Ultralight-C and Mifare Plus.

ACOS6-SAM ermöglicht:

  • Mutual Authentication: To guarantee the authenticity of the terminal and the client card
  • Secure Messaging: To ensure that the data transmission between the card and terminal/server is secured and not susceptible to eavesdropping, replay attack and unauthorized modification
  • Purse MAC Computation: To authenticate and ensure data integrity of data and commands that are transferred into the card and vice versa
  • Key Diversification: To enable diversified entry of keys without exposing the master key
  • Secure Key Injection: To ensure the key injection from SAM to client cards for contactless cards with protection of Encryption and Message Authentication Code, besides, key(s) may be changed after injection


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