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The OMNIKEY® 5022 CL contactless smart card reader can be used with PCs and workstations as well as thin and zero clients. It can also be used to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements, which mandate two-factor user authentication for accessing workstations and applications.

The OMNIKEY 5022 is interoperable with a number of smart card technologies, tags and NFC-enabled smart devices. It supports numerous credentials based on common ISO14443 A/B, ISO 15693 standards.

The OMNIKEY 5022 is integrated and tested with HID Global’s ActivID Tap solution, ActivID ActivClient, ActivID Applets and HID Global Trusted Tag® Services.

Key Features

  • Uses native-supported CCID drivers within the operatind system with no need to install additional drivers
  • Small form-factor for use in mobile and space-restricted environments
  • Optional adhesive tape and additional mounting units available

Available in Blue or Anthrazite-Dark Grey colour:

R50220318-DB = Dark Blau

R50220318-GR = Anthrazite-Dark Grey


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