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Der Identiv uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface USB Desktop Reader ist die ideale Kombination von Kontakt-, Kontaktlos und NFC Technik.

The optimized transaction times help to achieve real tap and go for best possible end user convenience and acceptance. It handles all of them, ID1 sized cards, key fobs, any size of token, NFC labels or even NFC enabled smart phones.


  • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz contactless and contact reader:
    • ISO7816
    • ISO14443 type A & B
    • MIFARE™
    • FeliCa™
    • Broadcom TOPAZ
    • NFC Form tag types 1-4
    • NFC enabled smart phones and tablets
  • NFC Peer to peer mode
  • CCID compliant additionally supported by PC/SC drivers coming on top
  • SmartOS™ powered
  • In-field upgradeable firmware
  • Modern stylish design
  • Multiple cable guides for flexible reader presentation
  • Optional stand foot kit for perfect end user convenience

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