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AirID 2 Mini is a wireless, flexible smart card reader for ID-000 (Micro SIM format) smart cards. AirID 2 Mini connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or non mobile systems via Bluetooth, NFC and USB.

The Bluetooth connection of AirID 2 Mini is highly secure and protected by an additional layer of AES256 encryption.

• Communication interfaces:
Bluetooth LE™ (up to Version 5), USB, NFC
– Pairing for secure, encrypted
Bluetooth LE ™ connection
– Bluetooth connection additionally protected by
AES 256 encryption
• Micro-USB interface
– Smart card access via USB (CCID)
– Battery charge or optional power supply
– Secure firmware update
• Easy operation with low power 128x128 LCD display
– Status indicator for Bluetooth ™ connection,
card and battery
– Display information about the AirID device
• LEDs for battery charge status, powered smart card
and smart card activity
• Easy 2-button operation
– On / Off for power management
- Easy menu navigation
– Settings such as signal strength, display and
buzzer, etc. individually configurable
– Setting of a preferred working device possible,
with which AirID should connect („Preferred Device“)
– Configuration of a work schedule for battery saving
– Distance settings for AutoLock

• Smartcard Support:
– Contact interface (ISO7816) for ID-000 cards
(mini SIM card format)
– Supported smart card protocol:
T=1, T=0 voltage: 3V
- NFC antenna for NFC enabled dual interface
ID-000 mini SIM card via C4 and C8 ISO7816

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