AET65 Smart Card Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

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The AET65 Smart card Reader with Fingerprint Sensor combines the core of ACS' ACR38U-SAM Reader and Authentec's swipe fingerprint sensor.  The AET65 Smart card Reader with Fingerprint Sensor makes integration of secure biometric authentication simple and exchange of information intuitive.

AET65 features:

  • Encrypted fingerprint template stored inside smart cards
  • AET65 contact smart card reader:
    • Compliant with PC/SC specification
    • Read/write speed up to 250 kbps
    • Supports all MCU card with T=0 or T=1 protocols
    • Supports ISO 7816 Class A, B and C (5V, 3V and 1.8V) cards
    • ISO 7816 Compliant SAM Slot
  • Fingerprint scanner:
    • Match-on reader: Template extraction and matching algorithms run within the device itself, not in the PC (Using default fingerprint algorithm)
    • UPEK TCS4-TCD50 swipe fingerprint sensor
    • Swipe speed: up to 40 cm/sec (15 in/sec)
    • Active sensor size: 9.6 mm x 0.2 mm
    • High-resolution: 508 DPI
    • Array size: 192 x 4 pixels
    • Supports image optimization and filtering
    • Utilizes CMOS active capacitive pixel-sensing technology, resulting to high-quality fingerprint images in any environment
    • Compliant with BioAPI 1.1 specification and Windows Biometric Framework
    • Supports several fingerprint algorithms such as Authentec and other 3rd-Party Algorithms



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