SmartCard-HSM USB Stick

SmartCard-HSM USB Stick

Repaced by SmartCard-HSM EA+. Please select the compatible successor SmartCard-HSM EA+.

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The SmartCard-HSM-Stick is a lightweight hardware security module in a USB Stick. It provides a remote-manageable secure key store for RSA and ECC keys.

The SmartCard-HSM-Stick is integrated in OpenSC Smart Card Library.

  • RSA and ECDSA Algorythms
  • Certificates according to TR-03110
  • ISO 7816-4
  • Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified operating system

The product is out of life. Please take one of the following choices:

  • SmartCard-HSM EA+
  • SmartCard-HSM-SIM zusammen mit ACR38T-IBS oder ACR38T-D1


Product Note Status Price
SmartCard-HSM EA+ SmartCard-HSM EA+
59.00 *
SmartCard-HSM-SIM SmartCard-HSM-SIM
16.00 *
19.00 *
19.00 *
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