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SDK-ACR1281U-C1 is a software development kit for both contact and contactless smart card applications.

ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost II is the second generation of ACR128 DualBoost Readers. It can access any contact and contactless smart cards following the ISO 7816 or ISO 14443 standards.

  • 1 x ACR1281U-C1 Dual Interface Smart Card Reader
  • 5 x Mifare 1K Cards
  • 5 x ACOS3 Microprocessor Smart Cards
  • 1 x ACOS6-SAM Secure Access Module Smart Card in ID-000 format

CD-Rom content:

  • Demo Programs
    • Loyalty Application
  • Tools & Utilities
    • QuickView
      • Checks whether you have properly installed the reader
    • EasyKey
      • Allows you to change Mifare security settings
    • PC/SC Learning Tool
      • Shows a step-by-step procedure on using the PCSC API, as well as the parameters to be used
    • Script Tool 3
      • Allows the user to communicate with a smart card by using script command files.
    • Smart Card and Reader Tool
      • Allows the user to send commands directly to a smart card or reader through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Sample Codes
    • Demonstrates basic commands used to communicate with the cards and reader
    • Available in the following programming languages: Java, Jave (x64), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .NET 2008, Visual Basic .NET 2008 (x64), Visual C# .NET 2008, Visual C# .NET 2008 (x64), Visual C++ 6.0, Visual C++ (x64), Active X C#, Linux C++, and Linux C++ (x64)
  • Smart Card Reader Driver(s)
  • Reference Manual(s)



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ACR1281u-C1-dualboost-II-usb-reader ACR1281u-C1-dualboost-II-usb-reader
59.00 € *
MIFARE Classic chip card MIFARE Classic chip card
9.00 € / 10 piece(s) *
ACOS3-32 ACOS3-32
15.00 € / 5 piece(s) *

Product data sheet

14.00 € *

Product data sheet

ACM1281U-C7-USB Contactless Reader Module ACM1281U-C7-USB Contactless Reader Module
56.00 € *

Product data sheet

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