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The WalletMate Mobile Wallet NFC Reader is designed to facilitate mobile NFC applications. Certified by Apple and Google VAS (Value-Added Service) protocols, the WalletMate could bring ultimate cardless user experiences by supporting various virtual passes such as loyalty cards, tickets, and staff /student ID cards on both IOS and Android platforms. With the VAS protocol, users can enjoy an agile and convenient tap-to-go experience as the host terminal could select a specific wallet pass from the user's mobile through a unique merchant ID.

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface
  • CCID Compliance
  • Mobile Wallet and Contactless Smart Card Reader:
    • Apple VAS & Google Smart Tape Certified (WalletMate is VAS Only, not payment terminals)
  • Read/write speed up to 424 kbps
  • Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 50 mm (depending on tag type)
  • Supports ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, MIFARE®, FeliCa and all 4 types of NFC (ISO/IEC 18092) tags
  • Supports MIFARE® 7-byte UID, MIFARE® Plus, and MIFARE® DESfire
  • Built-in anti-collision feature (only 1 tag is accessed at any time)
  • NFC Support:
    • NFC Reader/Writer Mode
    • Peer-to-Peer Mode
    • Card Emulation Mode
  • Application Programming Interface:
    • Apple VAS & Google Smart Tap API for Windows and Linux platforms
    • Supports PC/SC
    • Supports CT-API (through wrapper on top of PC/SC)
  • Peripherals:
    • User-controllable bi-color LED
    • User-controllable buzzer
  • USB Firmware Upgradability

In addition, WalletMate is supported by the ACS VAS Test Tool, which is a tool developed by Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS), intended to test NFC-enabled Apple Pay Passes and Google Pay Passes with WalletMate.